Strategic Services

Entering a new market should help your venture to grow, but a lack of understanding of market nuances, product or service feasibility and a clearly defined plan could end up being a costly exercise with limited or negative return on investment.

Hark offers critical services that are structured to ensure the strategic foundations are in place when entering the market. We’ll help answer questions like “what is the market and financial feasibility of the venture and overall market potential?”; “How can we implement a proof of concept?” and “what is the strategic plan for marketing our services and generating sales?”

We do this through:

  • MARKET FEASIBILITY STUDY: A proprietary framework to evaluate the market opportunity
  • PROOF OF CONCEPT: Get a sense of how the product or service will perform by testing it in-market
  • SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGY: A strategic plan to identify customer segments, value proposition, commercial model, channel strategy and marketing initiatives

Managed Services

A key factor that will ensure success in a new market is to grow topline revenue, by partnering with a sales team that can provide local market insight, language capability and capitalise on existing networks.

Hark’s outsourced managed services are therefore purposefully structured to support your sales needs by offering a “boots on the ground” approach and assisting in the execution of the go-to-market strategies with experts well-versed in consultative selling. We offer flexible resourcing solutions that remove the challenges of costly, fixed overheads, securing work permits and other constraints that make running an in-market sales team a challenge.

  • SALES OPERATIONS: we act as your local sales team and execute against the sales and marketing strategy
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: we manage customer queries and relationships

Technology Services

No organisation can scale effectively without the technology infrastructure to support this growth.

Hark can assist to operationalise, automate and support the sales and customer service function through the effective application of advanced technologies in order to automate your salesforce. We do this through CRM strategy development, technology selection and adoption programmes to ensure you have the processes and systems in place to support your venture and its growth.

We are technologists at heart and our approach is to automate processes where possible for more efficient operations, but without losing the human touch. We do this to minimise waste in all its forms and this is a principle we apply in operating our own business and the solutions we provide to customers.


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