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Hark was born out of a passion for innovation that has a positive impact on economic growth, society and the environment. It is our belief that these elements do not need to be mutually exclusive.

We believe that the simplest and most practical solution is generally the right one and this belief permeates through everything we do. We are pragmatists, solutionist thinkers who prefer to collaborate with our clients, partners and other stakeholders, because it is through this collective action that we can create the most impact.


Listen, then speak

The simplest solution is generally the right one

Customer 1st; all else will follow

Collaborate internally and externally

Do good to the planet and people

Transparency and honesty in our dealings

Warren Fabricius | Founder - Hark
Warren Fabricius
Partner - Technology & Operations

Warren enjoys the challenges of driving strategy and growth in the digital ecosystem, focusing on the Middle East and Africa, and has held various management and leadership roles in a career spanning 18 years.

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Adriaan Gouws | Co-Founder - Hark
Adriaan Gouws
Partner - Strategy & Commerce

Adriaan is an entrepreneurial-minded business leader with 16 years’ working experience in marketing, advertising and consulting across the Middle East and Africa, with a strong focus on the digital ecosystem.

LinkedIn Bio

  • I had the pleasure to work with Adriaan for more than a year at RMG Connect and JWT Dubai.
    Adriaan consistently went above and beyond his responsibilities in order to sustain and increase the agency’s business. His understanding of his clients’ business helped him digging deeper and fetching exact client requirements of every single brief. He is real professional that is respected by all his clients and colleagues.

    Raed Hakim
    Raed Hakim
    JWT Dubai
  • It was a privilege working with Adriaan in Acceleration. He is methodical, organized and very creative. His ability to connect people, inspire the audience, coordinate client deliverables and presentation skills are amazing. Beyond his role, he is always ready to provide a helping hand wherever necessary. I would definitely recommend him highly.

    Gustavo R
    Gustavo R.
  • Never saw him angry or shouting, I guess because he always knew what he was doing. Clients were happy, creatives were happy, actually everybody that had to deal with Adriaan was happy because he know what it takes to actually do the job.

    Arz Azar
    Arz Azar
  • I’ve had the pleasure to work with Adriaan over the past 3 years at Acceleration. He’s an extremely reliable person who can handle the pressures of fast pace environment extremely well. Adriaan has been an important component on all projects I’ve worked with him on and I would recommend Adriaan highly.

    Martin Kostlin
    Martin Kostlin
  • Warren was an absolute pleasure to work with, from both a business and a personal perspective. I would recommend him to anyone and hope we get the chance to work together again.

    Cameron Hullet
    Cameron Hulett
  • I have known Warren since 2008, when he offered me a job as an ad trafficker at DQ&A. He was my first experience of a boss and I can boldly say, I was a lucky one to have him as my manager. Warren has exceptional people and communication skills, always dealt with everyone as equals and offered an open door policy that made me feel like a part of the team. I would say any team that has Warren on board is set, as he is dedicated, of sound judgement, reliable and to top it: hardworking.
    Thank you Wazza for my great years at DQA! all the best.

    Chipo Aisha Majura
    Chipo Aisha Mujuru
  • Warren is the type of manager who puts the needs of his employees before his own. With an open door policy he’s always willing to listen and help them reach their career goals. –

    Adri Loubser
    Adri Loubser
  • I had the pleasure working with Warren while I was Heading Digital Commercial Division at Abu Dhabi Media Company. Warren manage Abu Dhabi Media account in the most professional way and he delivers everything we asked for. Warren knows his business inside out and his advice and consultancy service gave us a competitive advantage. It was honor working with Warren and looking forward to continue working with him in the future.

    Johny Giacaman
    Johny Giacaman
    Abu Dhabi Media Company